Jen Ivison

Jen Ivison


Yoga fascinates me. Through it's practice, I have found vast landscapes, strange worlds, and a deep guidance that never steers me wrong. All this can be discovered with the help of a few techniques, some dedication and an open mind and heart. This is the that attitude frames my approach to the practice; the same reason I choose to live and roam in the mountains and in wild places. Adventure, presence, and the journey of it all. The everyday magic of the Now.

As is the case with many, my yoga started with asana. In more recent years, it has extended into a love for pranayama and meditation, which I enjoy bringing into my classes.  I love to help students gently push the envelope and dive below the surface of the mind, into places that belief and concept may deem impossible.

In my 10 years of practice, I have explored many styles with many teachers to whom I owe my deepest gratitude, including my family and friends who share my steps on this path. Currently, I am in love with the SATTVA form, both in teaching and in practice.

My special thanks extends to my current teacher Rameen Peyrow. My studies under him have taken me places that even my wildest imagination had not fathomed. Indeed, if yoga has taught me anything, it's that this world, this place we live in such a 'normal' way every day, is far stranger, more exciting, and wondrous than any concept my mind can dream.

To sum it all up, this path, this life, I settle into the famous words of Pattabhi Jois; "Practice, practice. All is Coming."

Bless ~ Jen

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