2021 New Year’s Yoga & Brain Challenge

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How the Challenge works:
● For eight weeks, January 11th – March 8th, 2021 commit to attending three or more classes per week at The Yoga Lounge.
● If you are an Auto-Renew Member, it is free to participate in the challenge.
If you are not an Auto-Renew Member, you can purchase the new Year Yoga Challenge Unlimited 8-Week Membership BY CLICKING HERE for $185+GST.
● Keep track of the classes you attend on the online spreadsheet that you can access here!
● Any class at the Lounge can count towards your three weekly classes (including workshops and registered classes), as well as any recorded classes that you participate in through LoungeFlix.
● Every week, we will also send you a riddle or brain challenge to be solved. Every riddle or puzzle that you solve will count towards winning prizes!
● Along the way, you will receive bonus challenges and riddles that will give you opportunities to make up classes and earn more points.

Making up for missed classes:
● You have the opportunity to make up for classes during the Challenge that you may have missed due to being away, sick, or any other legitimate reason. There are two different ways that you can make up for missed classes:

  1. You can make up the missed classes some other time during the challenge. For example, if you were away for a week and missed three classes, you could practice 4 times on three other weeks during the challenge. Or, you could practice 5 times on one week and 4 on another.
  2. You could also undertake a set number of classes from our growing online library, Lounge Flix

● It is your responsibility to keep track of your classes on the spreadsheet, but if you have any questions or need any help, we are here to support you!

Important Dates:
● Challenge Start Date: Monday, January 11th
● Challenge End Date: Monday, March 8th

● Everyone who successfully completes the Challenge will be entered to win prizes!

Additional Details:
● If you currently have a Yoga Lounge pass such as a 10-pass or 1-Month Unlimited, we will put it on hold for you while you complete the Challenge. Please email us at info@theyogalounge.ca to arrange.
● One great tool for success during the Challenge is scheduling classes ahead of time. Instead of just scheduling your next class, why not schedule a week of classes in advance to help hold yourself accountable for practicing? If you need help signing up for classes, please email us at info@theyogalounge.ca.

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