Summer Yoga & Outdoor Adventure Challenge: Weeks 1-4

News/July 30, 2019

Our challengers have successfully completed 4 weeks of practicing 3 or more times at the studio AND completing an outdoor challenge each week! Here is an overview of what they’ve been up to: 

Outdoor Challenge #1:

This week the challenge was to get outside and go on a hike! We had participants hiking everything from Grotto Canyon, to Sunshine Meadows, to hikes in Kananaskis!

Outdoor Challenge #2:

This week, we challenge participants to meditate outside in a location of their choice! Wherever they chose, we encouraged them to settle into the sounds of nature and really enjoy the experience of meditating outside.

Outdoor Challenge #3: 

This week, we challenged participants to take a walk or a run down by the river! As they were doing this, we encouraged them to become present with their surroundings. We encouraged them to notice the grass, the pebbles on the trail, the blue water, the mountains that surround them. We encouraged them to observe their breath as they move along the trail, and enjoy the beauty of being outside.

Outdoor Challenge #4: 

Now, onto this week’s challenge! This week, the outdoor challenge is to go hunting for a Geocache! If you did the summer challenge last year, you know all about how this works. If you didn’t, here’s how you Geocache:

  • Read more information about Geocaching at
  • Download the Geocaching app on the App Store for free and create a free account
  • Find a Geocache in your neighborhood that you’d like to find! Follow the directions to discover it and log it on the app.
  • Snap a photo of the Geocache that you found and send it to us as proof

Please note – you can find any active Geocache on the Geocaching app in Canmore – it doesn’t have to be a specific one! Of course, if you have any questions, please let us know.

Check back next week to see how our participants did and find out what the 5th Outdoor Challenge is!

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