Summer Yoga Adventure Challenge: Dash for Cache!

News/June 1, 2018

We are so excited for this year’s summer yoga challenge! We had so much fun with the New Year’s Brain & Yoga Challenge that we decided to add an adventure element to this year’s summer challenge: geocaching!

What is geocaching? Geocaching is like an outdoor treasure hunt! For every 5 classes you complete, you will receive a series of coordinates. You will need to use the coordinates to find the hidden geocache (using the free app), which will contain a riddle, clue, or prize that will help you to complete the challenge!

Not only is this year’s challenge a great way to kick off the summer, but it’s a fun way to get to know your fellow yogis and really dig into the benefits of a regular yoga practice, while spending some time enjoying the sunshine outside and exploring your own backyard.

The challenge is to practice at the Lounge 25 times over two months, with the goal of creating sustainable, healthy habits throughout the summer. You will also need to find all 5 geocaches to successfully complete the challenge. Every geocache will contain something different, and will be hidden in a different part of Canmore!

What’s included:

  • Eight weeks of unlimited yoga at the Lounge
  • Wrap-up event
  • An awesome prize for EVERYONE who completes the Challenge successfully and solves the riddles
  • Accountability and weekly email support

How to sign up:

  • If you are already an Auto-Renew Member, it is free to participate in the Challenge. To register, just email us at and we will sign you up!
  • If you are not an Auto-Renew Member, you can purchase the Summer Yoga Adventure Challenge: Dash for Cache Unlimited Membership HERE for $185+GST.

Important dates:

  • Challenge Start Date: Wednesday, July 3rd
  • Challenge End Date: Friday, August 31st
  • Challenge Wrap-Up Event: TBD
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